I ordered what looked like a lovely (but expensive) bunch of flowers for a funeral of a relative that I couldn't go to in France. I was offered a delivery date that was two days before the funeral which seemed safe enough.

The flowers never arrived. I was given absolutely no indication that the flowers may not arrive on time nor was there any possibility of tracking my order. I only found that out they'd never arrived from my boyfriend who was over there. I was super embarrased and immediately sought to find out what had gone wrong.

I asked for an explanation and partial refund but pleaded with them not to cancel my order, I still needed the flowers to be sent. Their reply was literally as though they had understood the opposite of my query. "We have cancelled and refunded my order as per your request", the only explanation being that their website had had a glitch in it when I placed my order. I got a little angry I must admit, asking that the flowers still get delivered and demanding regular updates on the situation this time!

Again, a one sentence reply, "We can see that your order has been fully refunded, thank you." A complete ignorance of what I was actually asking!! Luckily they refunded my full £50 and my family and I started to look for a grander gesture to display our sympathy and apologise for not having sent anything for the funeral. I then found out from my boyfriend that the flowers had just arrived. Relieved yet annoyed that I wasn't told this by iflorist, I resolved to let the whole thing go.

This feeling came to an abrupt end when I was later shown a photo of my boyfriend's mother holding the flowers. They were NOTHING like the ones I had ordered. I would not have chosen pinks and oranges for my grandfather in law's funeral. And they were super cheap looking.

The kind you'd find in Tesco for a fiver. There's no point me writing a further complaint to iflorist, they don't seem to care. So, the least I can do is warn others, let's stop giving wads of money to companys that don't deserve our custom!

This was six days of stress and hassle that none of us needed when we should have been mourning. Bad, bad, bad!!!

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Customer service, Delivery time
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Problem with delivery
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IFlorist in Hereford, Herefordshire - -Late delivery -no tracking available -not the same basket as ordered -bad customer service - only email through tickets to contact them

We ordered a lovely basket of flowers for my mother-in-law as we couldn't be with her that day. While I do not expect the flowers to arrive at 8am as I know I am not the only customer, I was actually hoping for the flowers to arrive during the day.

The link supposedy tracking the flowers was not working, there was no phone number to call. As we wanted to keep the surprise until the flowers arrived, we didn't say anything (bad move). The flowers arrived at 8pm with the poor excuse that they had tried to deliver from the morning. Apparently, they didn't find the house easily as the address wasn't complete...it was complete on confirmation invoice sent to me by email!!!

I can see when I read the other reviews that I should count my blessings as I least I received the flowers...Their respond to my email to them (just stating the obvious and being sarcastic) was: "don't complain, at least you have got them on mother's day". I quote their unhelpful reply "Dear Customer, Thank you for contacting us, Your order was delivered on Mother's day. Kindest Regards Iflorist".

That's an apology??? Never mind!!!

Hereford, Herefordshire
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Delivery time, Customer service
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Poor customer service
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Full refund
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Worst customer service experience ever! AVOID iFlorist!

Cant find the original message I posted on their Facebook page complaining about my bad experience, they seem to be deleting these posts. I posted the complaint on the 15th because my girlfriend had not received her Valentines day flowers that according to their website were guaranteed for delivery between 8am and 6pm on Valentines day.

They were eventually received on the 17th, can someone please let iFlorists know that Valentines day is on the 14th! They replied to that post asking me to inbox them my order no: 596588, but then proceeded to tell me there was nothing the marketing dept (that runs their Facebook page) could do and I should contact customer services, customer services didn't pick up the phone, and haven't replied to any of the emails I sent them, via their website or via the email address provided in my order confirmation. Eventually they promised to prioritise my case but nothing happened, they then promised that someone would get back to me but they haven't. The fact of the matter is their website states guaranteed delivery between 8am and 6pm on Valentines day which is why I decided to buy from them, if they could guarantee the delivery they should have said and I wouldn't have wasted my time.

Also the flowers that did eventually arrive looked nothing like the ones in the photo on their website by the time my girlfriend got them, the card I chose was substituted for another generic ugly one, and the balloon I paid for never arrived.

All in all, this has to be my worst customer service experience ever! Never again and until I get my money back I'm going to go on posting negative feedback about iFlorist on review sites like this one and encourage every one else (looks like there are allot of you) to do the same!


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Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #910607

The same thing happened to me, no flowers received and no response from iflorist. Shame on this people for robbing others people hard earned money.

Kingston Upon Thames, England
  • ValentinesDay
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IFlorist - Late delivery. No reply to query.

Here is the mail that I sent to iflorist, one week later I have not had a reply:

The flowers that I ordered a few days in advance of Valentine Day failed to arrive on Valentine Day and instead they were delivered the day after Valentine Day (Saturday 15th).

Not knowing whether they would be delivered or not I consulted the iflorist website and found a phone number, I noted that the phone should be manned till 14.00 on Saturday. After several attempts to contact iflorist by phone before midday on the Saturday, it became apparent that nobody was looking after phone enquiries on that day.

When the flowers were delivered later that day I asked the courier if he could explain the late delivery, he could not explain why they were late, but he did mention that he had 70 flower deliveries the previous day. The card included was not the advertised Valentine card that I had chosen, but was instead a gift card with printed text. What a shame when the florist local to my wife's work had managed to deliver a bouquet from her colleagues for her birthday, on time and with a hand written card.

I think that the late delivery alone warrants a full refund let alone the inclusion an incorrect card and sub standard flowers.

Please contact me as soon as possible.

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IFlorist in Bristol, England - "Large" bunch of flowers

I ordered a large bunch of flowers for my mother for christmas costing over £30. When they arrives the roses were not fresh (brown at the corners) and an orchid (1 of 2 in the bunch) heads was completely broken off.

I noticed that their "support team" online never actually seem to be online and their emailed and attached pictures the day after the flowers were received. I had no response so I emailed once again. It has now been over 2 months with no reply and then I noticed only this week a contact number. I plan on contacting them this week to receive a full refund for the flowers.

I know to avoid this company and simply buy a bunch in your local tescos or M&S. Better quality and FAR cheaper!

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IFlorist - According to them they can send what they like, not what you ordered

I ordered Antique Roses with a Card Message for our Anniversary. The flowers my wife received were not what I ordered and there was no Card Message delivered! Jack Ward from iFlorist response was (See Below). Their response means they can send what they want irrelevant of the type or colour flowers your order. iFlorist is a SCAM.


I am sorry regarding your missed card message.

As for the flowers, unfortunately our florists have the rights to substitute flowers/colours due to availability so sadly I cannot proceed any further with the matter.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Kind regards,


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IFlorist - Awful company! STAY AWAY!

Disgusting company. Ordered two bunches, nothing like I ordered.

One bunch had 6 flowers in it, and was supposed to be a premium bunch! This bunch wasn't even tied, just thrown in a box. I complained and complained and managed to get a partial refund. This is better than nothing, I did warn them I would take matters further if I didn't get a full refund, so I kept my word and I have contacted trading standards.

They falsely advertise, do not send flowers of equal or greater value, and their customer service is the worst I have ever encountered. STAY AWAY!!!!

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IFlorist in Truro, England - SCAM COMPANY

I tried to order some flowers for my Mother to be delivered the Friday before Mothers day. After not receiving the flowers I emailed their support team to find out where the flowers were, after my email had sent I received a 'confirmation that I had signed up to their support team' yet received no actual response.

After a few days I emailed again to the same address only to find the email had been deactivated.

They have taken money for the flowers but have had no correspondence with me and have made no attempt at delivering anything. I would like to warn people not to use these sites (they are linked together by their 'contact us' pages) and they are clearly bogus companies.

Truro, England
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IFlorist in Antrim, Northern Ireland - Valentines Day Delivery

Ordered flowers over a week in advanced and they were not delivered to my wife on Valentines Day. I was also lied to and said they were not delivered because of weather which is not true.

They also don't reply or contact there customers in a timely matter. Waiting until after the delivery had not taken place is not a way to do business. This is the second time this company has done this to me.

I have Requested a refund , but I'm getting no reply. I should have known better that a company that has done this before would do it again.

Antrim, Northern Ireland
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Contact IFlorist Customer Service

Mailing Address:
iflorist HQ
Unit 35 Romsey Industrial Estate, Greatbridge Road,
Romsey, Hampshire SO51 0HR

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